Saturday, March 08, 2008

Saturday in Knoxville

Last night Nick and I drove to Knoxville, TN. He has a work conference today and so I just tagged along. We're staying in a nice hotel and I wish so much he didn't have a conference and that we were staying one more night. But, I'm also enjoying the space and brought a lot of things to do. Not to mention the computer which can steal hours away from me. :)
Of course I brought my camera. I had expected a warm, sunny day and had hoped to wander around town and take lots of fabulous pictures. The contents of my suitcase would confirm that assumption, as well. However, it was based in nothing. I hadn't checked the weather, heard anything or even known what weather is often like here in Knoxville. And, this morning it is gray, cloudy and snowing. Very much snowing.

As for the camera, there are still interesting picture possibilities. The snow is creating interesting patterns on the bank outside. The plush red chair in our room is wonderful and I'd love to take it home with me. Even a picture of the desk, computer, coffee, and mirror could be interesting. But Nick somehow convinced me that pictures from his conference could be beneficial and so he should take the camera. So, there you go. Instead you just get my random ramble of thoughts.

The coffee is good and complimentary. The magazines are plentiful. I even brought scissors and glue sticks and may find something fun to do with the combination of all three. And, I have access to (expensive) still-in-theater movie options on TV. Somehow I doubt I'm going to be bored. They'll be kicking me out before that happens.

As for those of you who have dropped me emails asking to see the apron I made a few weeks ago....I finished all of the hand sewing on it--so it is ready to be debuted. I promise its coming soon.

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