Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rag Rug

In February I took a class titled "The Rug that at My Stash" at a local fabric shop. Over the last few weeks, I've hardly been in my studio at all between gardening projects and my nerves. However the one thing I have been working on is my rug. In the class we were instructed to use strips that were 1.5" wide. At home, I also did one that used any strips smaller than that as well. Its a mindless activity that (a) uses up scraps that take up space in the studio, (b) gives me something to do with my hands, (c) creates something useful.

I'm just about out of material again which indicates that I should be doing something else in the studio such as quilting...and maybe I will. I have been feeling the itch to cut glass for a stained glass window or create a small quilt. Maybe I'll get to both sooner than later.


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It's really beautiful. Everything you do is really amazing... it makes me jealous!