Thursday, April 10, 2008


I haven't been spending much time in my studio lately. I have several projects in process, but its hard to head to the basement when it is nearly 70 degrees outside. Instead I've been planting, transplanting, moving, and planning the plants and flower beds around here. It is keeping me busy. We have flats of flower starts in the living room. Flats of vegetables in the studio. There are house plants and perennials everywhere, just waiting to move outside for the summer. I have also been researching and reading about different plants and their needs. Oh, and let's not forget about filling the bird feeders. I bought two new bird feeders about a week and a half ago and have needed to refill one of them three times! We have golden finches, house finches, carolina chickadees, tufted titmice (do you pluralize titmouse in the same way you do mouse??), a few cardinals, a morning dove or two and a few other birds I haven't identified yet. I am loving spring.

This Saturday is our 5th anniversary. We're planning to enjoy a lovely weekend in Charleston, SC and are really hoping that the scattered showers that they're calling for on Saturday will actually be nothing. I am really looking forward to walking around the Historic downtown and taking a lot of pictures. We were there over our 1st anniversary and I loved how we just strolled around the area for hours taking in all of the beauty. The wrought iron gates and the azalea bushes really stand out in my mind. It will be nice to get away, celebrate and enjoy some time together.

I will leave you with a few more pictures of some of my flower bed excitement.

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