Friday, May 02, 2008

More TTV Pictures

So, the key seems to be a contraption that will block the glare from the viewfinder. I don't have the key yet. I tried to make something out of a pair of socks but it didn't quite work. The flickr group had some pictures of some different contraptions. I'll come up with something.


Brooke said...

Becky, I love these new images! I actually like the glare, I think it adds an interesting quality. I wonder if you could control it for unusual effects. I'd love to see some non traditional portraits done with it. Very cool!

Dali said...

Ha, funny how we go through the same process with the glare and contraptions. I cut part of a hard mailing tube for my first contraption. If you have a Duaflex, you'll find detailed instructions on how to build a contraption that fits it like a glove at this tutorial.

It is true I miss the glare sometimes - it makes for some interesting effects. But hey, now you have an option. Whatever you do, don't clean your mirror and viewfinder, though. :)