Saturday, June 07, 2008

Bags bags bags

Yesterday I headed into my studio thinking that I'd start a new quilt. When I opened a drawer looking for something I needed, I found two sets of round handles and suddenly started a new project. I have been wanting to make small handbags of some sort for about three years. For whatever reason, I just never did. I suppose that mostly it was because I never found the "right" pattern. But, I also kept getting distracted by other projects.

I finally made my first Thursday, my second Friday, and even sold one of them already. All within 48 hours! I plan to keep playing with different styles and will likely put a few on Etsy in the coming weeks. In fact, I plan to put some work into the etsy site soon. All sales go towards the travel costs for our adoption. Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far!

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