Monday, June 02, 2008

Home again

We arrived home last night after being with family for the last ten days. We had a wonderful time on the Chesapeake Bay and in Philly with my family and a great time in the mountains with Nick. We're returning to beautiful weather and HUGE plant growth. Many plants gained actually feet in height while we were gone and everything looks lush and is blooming. It is exciting to see. Today is my 30th birthday. Crazy. I've been looking forward to my thirties...I figure it probably can't be as difficult as my 20s were. This morning I awoke to several fresh flower arrangements and coffee. It was a perfect start to a gorgeous day and I hope to enjoy the full of it!

I took plenty pictures during our time away and I will work at getting some of them posted in the next few days.

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Andrea said...

and many happy returns. you're going to love 30. :)