Friday, June 06, 2008

Too many snakes

I have seen more snakes in the last two weeks that I have seen in the last three years combined. Thank god. When we were at Red Point last week, we saw four snakes on the beach, near the swamp. At Nick's cabin, I found one sunning in the yard. This week, while mowing the grass, I came across at 5' black snake! I am so glad that (a) I was on a riding lawn mower and (b) it was black and headed away from me. Now I can't walk through the yard without constantly checking the ground to make sure I am not surprised.

So, back to the snakes we saw at Red Point. We think most of them were just water snakes. But, if you by chance know your snakes, please identify the one below. It was on the beach eating a small fish.

Great, now that I've revisited these pictures, I'll likely wake up and have to turn the light on again multiple times tonight to make sure they're not in my bed. You think I'm joking but I've done this probably 3 or 4 separate nights in the last two weeks. :(

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Erin said...

I've got nothing. But it looks like a friggin' big snake.