Friday, August 01, 2008

Mona and her Mouse

My morning started earlier than what is normal for me. Nick's started a bit later than normal for him. It was a nice blend that allowed us to slowly wake up together. Mona however, had been up and active for a while. We had listened to her enjoying something for at least an hour by that point. For as princess-y as our sweet Mona is...she is a clomper when it comes to walking around or up and down stairs or when she finds a game she really enjoys. I had no idea what was keeping her moving this morning...but something had captured her interest.

Eventually I got around to looking over the edge of the bed and saw the ankle brace that Nick wears to play basketball and for other similar activities. Knowing it hadn't be used recently enough to be in the middle of the floor, I realized it was the perfect toy for Mona. I figured she must be in has strings, it smells like dirty boy--her favorite smell, and slides easily across the floor.

As Nick brushed his teeth, I sat at the foot of the bed watching her play with this new love. I noticed a small leather string hanging out from the inside and thought about how old that thing was. And then suddenly it was hanging from her mouth. Not a leather string...a small little tail. She didn't care about some stinky brace, she had been playing cat and mouse for an hour or so. And the little mouse was still very much alive. A bit like some of the birds Mona has brought in. She is gentle and likes to have soft little friends.

This went on for another hour. At some point I figured that I might as well grab the camera. (Disappointed for the first time ever that we do not have a video camera.) At some point I finished getting ready for the day, came down and tried to download the pictures...but ended up back up stairs taking more. In the end, they were taking a break. The mouse needed some space so he just sat very still in the middle of the room, finally realizing that he'd only get a reprieve from the game if he didn't move. They sat for maybe five minutes before Mona took the opportunity to see what was going on outside on the balcony. Little Mouse stayed put. He was SO tired. So, I decided it was time to reward him for his entertainment and using a washcloth I picked him up and took him outside. I don't think he'll be looking to coming back in any time soon. Mona was pretty disappointed when she came back from the balcony and couldn't find him. Oh well.

Normally the idea of a mouse makes my skin crawl. But this was different....this was just a cat and her mouse. :)

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Erin said...

That is hilarious. That poor terrified mouse--lying motionless on the floor so as not to get slapped or bitten again! Keith would have been freaking out.