Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today at Random

Last night we picked A LOT of corn at a local farmer's field. We husked it and then I started cutting some of it and remembered why my Mom used to sit out in the grass to do this. This morning I jumped back in and while it probably would work better in the grass (although doing it with a close friend would make that even more fun) I have found that a sharp knife and apron also make a big difference. I have almost 2 dozen pints of frozen corn and a whole lot more to go.

Jess just stopped by and we started talking about Netflix movies. I said that I just ordered a chic flick that Nick won't watch, so maybe we can watch it this weekend. She said, "Oh, I just watched Because I Said So." Hmm...I went to check and yup! that just shipped. (Unfortunately she added that it was annoying.) This happens over and over. We keep renting the same movies again and again right around the same time. If only we had similar viewing schedules (aka less busy lives) maybe we could just be sharing one...which was suggested by Todd at the beginning. But, we have definitely waited a week more than once before finding time to watch a sharing takes away some of the convenience of having Netflix.

Analyzing your budget can be fun when you're in the mood. When you're not it sucks. Today I'm finding it interesting though which is surely going to make Nick enjoy his weekend even more.

My weekend plan is to freeze and can A LOT. Pickles, squash, Indonesian satay sauce (Thanks, Laura!), pizza sauce, pizza dough, perogies, pesto, corn & maybe some more peaches. Maybe now that I've told the internet, I'll feel obligated to see it all happen.

A few links that I found interesting today:

This is a blog that I read pretty regularly. I really appreciated her post today. She's seems like such a great mom and I think this is wonderful example of how to creatively engage your child and pull them away from the computer/tv/etc and engage the imagination. I found it inspiring even though I am not a parent yet.

This made me chuckle. Love the greenwashing. :)

Alright...that's all I've got for now.

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