Friday, September 05, 2008

While I Procrastinate...

I know that we learned a week ago today that we would be traveling to Vietnam in about two weeks. And given how unprepared we were/are for this amazing journey around the world and into parenthood, one might think that we're in some kind of bubble working on trip details and parenting details. And if you talk to probably is what I am talking about. However, what is really happening is that unless something is immediately important (like sending in our travel visa application OR buying our plane tickets OR booking our hotel room) I am finding myself a bit stuck...unsure what to do. This is most likely in part b/c (a) I am still shocked at some point every five minutes or so that this is finally happening, (b) the brain isn't quite working right, (c) I am a bit overwhelmed by EVERYTHING right now.

So, every day I make a long list of what I want to accomplish. And for the most part, what needs to get done, gets done. There are several things that could have been done weeks/months ago. But, most likely out of self-protection, they didn't. Did I finish getting travel vaccines? No. Did we buy a travel guide for Vietnam? No. Did we print out the important docs we already have and knew we'd be taking? No. Did we look hard for the nursery furniture we knew we would need? No. All of those things are coming together now, but we just didn't do them sooner than they needed to be done. So, truly I am preparing because its time.

But, in the non-"right now" spaces, I have found myself dazed in front of the TV more than once this week. (Usually TV time is also studio time, or computer time, or some other kind of shared time.) And the other thing I have found myself doing many many times in the last week is reading personal responses to the political conventions and the individual speeches. This is the one thing my brain doesn't seem to be tired of right now. And suddenly, I find all of the adoption blogs incredibly interesting as these different responses and perspectives emerge. Not because I am scouring them for travel details as one might assume.

Its crazy. There is so much to do and yet my head is wanting to be in veg-mode. That being said...I do have a list of 15 paperwork details that do need to be addressed today. But, after waking and reading some blogs this morning I once again felt energized by the possibilities of change and seeing how passionately everyone is engaged.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

what's going on

I don't know of anyone who reads this blog who doesn't also know about our adoption blog...but in case you haven't figured it out, we're going to Vietnam. In less than two weeks. We got our approval to travel last Friday and every day since than has been a whirlwind of frantic planning, purchasing and paperchasing. Packing will be starting soon.

For several months now, the plan has been to have only one blog after we travel and bring our baby home. At that point I'll be finishing up each blog--representing a part of life--and starting a new blog that combines all parts into one. A symbol of my own reality in many ways.

I don't know when I'll post my last post here...but it won't be too much longer. And in the meantime, anything that is happening in my life is happening over on the other blog. So, stay tuned for the move. And if your so inclined, follow along on our journey to Vietnam and back!